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St Peter’s has the capacity to offer a home like experience to around 400 boys and girls during term time. Boarders live in seven boarding houses on the school campus, four for boys and three for girls.

Each boarding house is managed by a House Director and supported by either a House Manager or Matron. House assistants (often young professionals, tertiary age students or staff members) and boarding house student leaders help with the running of the house. The schools’ registered nurses are consulted on and health issues.

Together, these groups of people provide a ‘home away from home’ environment and ensure the success of the boarding houses.

Boarding Life

Healthy and Tasty Meals

All meals for our boarding students are fully catered and are designed to be tasty and nutritious. We offer three meals per day, seven days a week. Fruit and snacks are available for boarding students during the day.

Making Connections

Students in the boarding houses get the opportunity to spend time with others, share experiences and create positive memories with their friends.

Caring for our Students

There are layers of support for students who call our boarding houses home. From House Directors , Managers, Matrons, Assistants, Student Prefects and International Student Support Leaders, our boarders have many people to help.

Weekend Trips

Each boarding house offers regular weekend trips/activities for our students. On Fridays, a bus is provided for students to travel to Cambridge to buy extra items they might like.

School Facilities

Students who are on site or live in the boarding houses, have the opportunity to use our sports and grounds facilities.

Free WIFI on Campus

Students have access to free wifi in the boarding houses and at school. This helps our students keep connected with their friends and family.

Our Campus

We offer a world-class learning environment in 37 hectares of beautiful park-like grounds with modern facilities.

School House






Boarding Testimonial by Dongguk and Jeongguk

Hi, our names are Dongguk and Jeongguk Son and we are brothers from South Korea. We both live in Morris House and really enjoy our time boarding at school.

Because we live on site, it is really easy for us to get to school in the morning and we are never late to class. We have many friends and never get bored as in our free time we can ride our bikes, play games, or go to the gym. Each evening we have a study time when we get help from some of the older students in the boarding house, if we need it. We also have a matron who bakes cookies and sausage rolls for us. The matron lives near our boarding house and is able to help us if we have any problems and we also have a House Director. 

On some weekends, our House Director organises trips for boarders. We go to Hamilton for shopping, or to the movies. We also can go on international students’ trips.

We like staying in Morris House, we have friends and people to look after us.


Life in the day of a boarder

It's expected that all our international students follow our boarding rules:


What does a typical day for boarding students look like?

Each year has a slightly different timetables, bedtimes, devices and leave allowances:

Click here to read more about living in a homestay while at St Peter’s. We have a number of translations available.


Homestay is living with New Zealanders as a member of their family.

St Peter’s Cambridge can arrange suitable homestay accommodation for international students. Most St Peter’s international students are boarders, so they require a homestay for two weekend leaves per term, and holidays. A small number of students may be full time international day students.

Homestay accommodation is NOT the same as staying in a hotel. Students will be welcomed as a member of the family and it is up to them to make the experience as pleasurable as possible for all. Remember, it is a privilege, not a right, to stay in a New Zealand home. To help students settle into life in New Zealand a little easier, it is important to join in with activities which homestay families arrange.

All homestay situations are carefully inspected by the Homestay Co-ordinator to ensure that not only is the home warm and inviting but also that the student will be given the best care possible.  If you want to know more, contact Heather Joubert.

Homestay Testimonial by Eve

"I really enjoyed staying at Kathy's home for my holidays and for the leave weekends. Firstly, there are many cats and horses. I love it when the cats were around me and I could stroke them.

Also, I was able to ride horses at Kathy’s home, The animals are so adorable.

When I woke up in the morning, there was beautiful sunshine and nature greeting me. It all fits so nicely together which makes a wonderful view just for me.  Kathy’s home was all spotless and shiny. It made all the people in the house have a smile on their face and makes the home an even better place to stay.

There are so many things that I love about her house. Finally, and most importantly, all the people in my homestay are  super kind and nice to me. I think this is what makes her house and her family so special.”


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Mrs Heather Joubert

Accommodation Co-ordinator

Ms Lauree Fuller

Director of International

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