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St Peter's, Cambridge offers our students the ultimate arts experiences.

Performance Arts

Students have an incredible range of performance art opportunities at school.

They can study music, dance and drama and also choose from a large selection of clubs that also operate within the school. We offer 350 music lessons each week and have three qualified speech and drama teachers on site. Our talented team of coaches, tutors and teachers work alongside our students to help them achieve their very best in their areas of interest.

We allow our students the chance to use their performance art skills for further study  and/or entry into the professional performing arts industry. 

Love Music ?

St Peter's has always had a tradition of excellence in music. When Arthur Broadhurst founded our school in 1936, music was a core part of school life. The boys all sang and learnt multiple instruments. In this tradition we continue today with performing arts a core part of life at our school.

Performing Arts opportunities for all

Our Performing Arts programme is inclusive. It embraces students who prefer the classical and those who like contemporary forms of music, dance and drama.

It blends traditional methods with new technology. Performing Arts allows students to work in a range of settings, both as individuals and groups. It encourages them to be the best that they can be and to strive for excellence. There is something for everybody, from individualised music lessons, to hip hop dance classes, to our Shakespeare festival. 

As in all areas of the school, Performing Arts students are encouraged to be aspirational. St Peter’s offers an unique Performing Arts experience with distinct pathways from participation to professionalism, all delivered in our fantastic facilities.   

Speech and Drama teachers – St Peter's is the only school in NZ with heads of voice, guitar/commercial music, speech and drama.
Competitions for our students to take part in the school, regionally and nationwide.
Music teachers.
The number of different kinds of instruments our students can learn.
Art academies are on offer including chess club, hip hop, debating club, singing groups and more.
Music lessons are offered each week for our students.

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Together at St Peter's, we achieve the extraordinary.