Our School

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Our Teachers

Our staff at St Peter's school are able to balance the needs of their students with the subject demands of the course that their students select.

All our teachers are highly trained, respected and provide quality learning opportunities for their students. They value the individual and are able to offer a high level of personal commitment to  support the success of everyone in their class.

St Peter’s is proud of its staff. They are professional, empathetic and accessible and will go above and beyond to support and encourage our learners.  

Our History - Built on a Rock

St Peter's was founded in 1936 with the stated aim of educating the whole person.

Our founder, Mr Arthur Broadhurst, was convinced that holistic development of body, mind and spirit laid the foundation for a life of service, ready leadership and clear thinking. We have not wavered from our founding ethos. Today St Peter’s still strives to develop well-rounded people with strength of character, a positive mindset, and eagerness to serve their communities. 

From the beginning our school motto has been “structa saxo”, built on a rock. It comes from the words Jesus said to Simon Peter “You are Peter, and on this rock I will build my church” (Matthew 16:18). At St Peter’s we aim to give all our students a solid foundation for life, education in body, mind and spirit, so that they can enter life after St Peter’s with confidence in themselves and their values.