Our Students

Developing the whole person at St Peter’s.

Our students are our greatest asset. We value the contribution that each individual brings to St Peter’s. The opportunities for students to thrive at our school are limitless as we have the programmes, facilities, teaching staff and support that will help bring out the best in everyone. Our students have every opportunity here at
St Peter’s – academic, cultural, sporting, spiritual and in service - to showcase their skills and find their place to achieve.

Hear from our International students

International Student Support Group

St Peter's International Student Support group exists specifically to provide additional support for our new and existing international students.

The group consists of nine students who act as international leaders, each of whom represents our four largest nationality groups.
We are fortunate to have these students living in boarding houses as well as in homestay families. This allows a diversity of experiences that our international leaders can bring when supporting other students.

The role of our International Student Support group also includes assisting when parents and agents visit the school, promoting international trips and events, and working with students who need clarification about school and boarding life.

Our International Student Support group have regular meetings with the International Dean, Mrs Fuller, to ensure that we are all working together to grow the support network for our international students at St Peter’s.

What sets us apart?

Learning Support

We can provide additional learning support that is individualised and caters for our students' needs. Our Learning Enhanced department has a team of learning assistants who can support some of our students in their classes.

Free EAL/ESOL Classes

St Peter's can cater from Beginner English to IELTS level and offer opportunities to improve in all four English skills of Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking. Classes are free for international students.

Pastoral Care

We are proud of the extra care that we provide to our students. We have a strong pastoral care network which includes deans, student learning groups, house directors, matrons, career advisors, nurses, a psychologist and a chaplain, all of whom help to provide additional student support.

60 + Subjects

St Peter’s has 60+ subjects to choose from. If you are wanting to study science, a foreign language, mathematics, computer studies or visual arts, we have all the choices you need in one place. We also have a unique Business Centre for our budding entrepreneurs to work on creative ideas and present their projects at school Market Days.

Teaching Staff

Our students benefit from some of the most talented teachers in the country. Our teachers are hardworking, dedicated and compassionate and show a personal interest in students that goes beyond teaching their subjects. As our class sizes are small, the relationships between students and teachers are strengthened, and teaching can become more individualised.

Extra-Curricular Activities

We encourage our students to take part in the wider life of the school. We have strong sports programmes which offer participation levels from beginner through to elite athlete. Our cultural and arts departments offer a wide range of amazing opportunities to be involved in events. We have subject-specific trips available as well as boarding house and international student events that take place throughout the year.